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livescribe sky - audio not syncing

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I gave my wife a livescribe sky, which was working fine until yesterday, when she took part in an important professional meeting but... she can't sync her audio notes to evernote.  the image is there, the audio is not.   this will have serious professional consequences, since she was counting on the smartpen to register everything and then later share it with her bosses.   


so... I went through your support pages and nothing worked so far.   I deleted the evernote files, I re-authorized the app, I even tried to sync with another evernote account... in vain.    the weird thing is: if I create a new note with audio, it works fine. 


is there a way to re-sync everything?  is there a way to get this infou out of my smartpen?   her job is at risk and I don't know what to do

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If using the Windows version of Evernote, did you try using the Helper app? I'm just starting with the Sky and it seems like sometimes I need to "goose" the pen into synching by using the Livescribe Helper app.

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