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(Archived) iPhone 5 Evernote app problems


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I'm having a problem with my EverNote app on my iPhone 5.  All my info is backed up on the Cloud on my iMac, iPad, and MacBook.  Can I delete mobile iPhone app and reinstall without loosing all my infomation?


You may want to try rebooting the phone, first.  If that doesn't fix the problem, as long as you do not have any unsync'd notes or changes on your phone, you can delete the app from your phone.  To clarify, do NOT delete the NOTES.  Just the app.  After deleting the app, be sure to reboot before re-installing. 

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When I try to delete the app it says "Deleting Evernote will also delete all of its data."  Everything is synced.  I'm I still gonna be OK?

Yes. It's just referring to the data on your phone. But since everything is in the EN cloud too, it's ok. When you reinstall EN & sync, it will download the data from the EN cloud/servers.

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