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(Archived) Deleting short URLs created by Evernote

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Hi.  Without realising the consequence, I clicked on the message button in Evernote, and it instantly created a short URL of some content that I wouldn't want available to anyone who happen across that URL.  Is there some way I can delete the content from the URL before some hacker stumbles across it?

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You can un-share the note which would render the link useless.

I never "shared" the note, so can't unshare it? I simply touched the message button, saw that it had created a short URL, and exited out of the message without sending the URL to anyone. But the short URL still exists, and there is nothing in the properties of the note that I seem to be able change to delete it. This is a major security flaw in Evernote.

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You can un-share the note which would render the link useless.

Thank you!! Although i couldn't see any way of unsharing it from my phone, I logged in using a PC and found that it was recorded as "shared" there, so unshared it. All fixed now. Thank you MTF!

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EDIT- I see my typing is too slow, you already fixed the errant share!

If you are using an iPhone, you can unshare by pressing the share icon again (the icon that looks like a square with an arrow leaping out to the top right) if the note is shared you get an extra option to unshare



I tried this out on my iPad, it looks like using the message button creates the URL and sets the note to share.

I tested this by:

Clicking message on a new test note, I didn't send the message just left it on screen and then...

...Manually typed the URL into a computer that isn't logged onto my Evernote account

Result, I could see the note.

I then went back to Evernote and un-shared the note, went to the un-logged-on computer and refreshed the browser.

Result, a message that the note was no longer available.

Hope that gives you some reassurance that you can protect your information, I'm going to check through my notes to see what I have previously shared and tidy up any loose links![

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