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(Archived) Synching RETURNs and HORIZONTAL RULES

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I like using the horizontal rule feature to separate items in a journal, for example, but they are lost when I upload from the originating computer and downloaded to another--ALMOST ALWAYS. (The inconsistency confounds things.)

Also, OFTEN but NOT ALWAYS, carriage RETURNs are dropped out in synchronization. What was once nicely formatted is now all run together.

I haven't found anyone else reporting these problems, so I'd think it was my particular setup, but it happens across different configurations of computers.


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More troublesome than the disappearance of HRs is the disappearance of


I've copied the original and the version that shows up on my other compter (separated by -----) in Netscape Composer and viewed the source code. I can see what's missing, but that exhausts my facility with html. Perhaps it will offer a clue to someone more knowledgeable.

Thanks, Earl


March 06, 2009 - Friday

<o><o><o> Appointments <o><o><o>

<o><o><o> Journal <o><o><o>


UP: 0000

SLEEP: 0000


March 06, 2009 - Friday

<o><o><o> Appointments

<o><o><o><o><o><o> Journal

<o><o><o>CHRONOLOGYUP: 0000

SLEEP: 0000

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After trying to learn something from the html code, it occured to me that some of the formatting I was using in my content might be confusing things; e.g.:


Could a string of 's cancel out the

's that seem to disappear?

I am reformatting with more of an East German format, and it seems to be working better.


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