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(Archived) Multi-shot camera photos are always upside down on Android


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Evernote, are you are of this problem?


All photos taken using your multi-shot camera feature in Android are upside down.


It doesn't matter which way up you hold the camera when you take the photo, they will always be upside down.


Photos taken without the multi-shot camera feature are fine.


It makes your multi-shot feature pretty pointless. Really worth an urgent fix, I'd say.


Using Nexus 4 with latest Android and latest evernote..

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I'm using a Galaxy S3 and my multishot results seem to be OK.  I'd suggest you raise a support ticket to alert Evernote to the problem and see whether they can suggest any changes to Evernote or Nexus settings.  If you have any Nexus support forums you could try the same query there to see if anyone else has a suggestion.  Given that there are n versions of Android out there and mobile manufacturers have a habit of adding their own bells and whistles to the vanilla OS,  it's not surprising that your mileage varies here..

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I'd suggest you raise a support ticket to alert Evernote to the problem

I thought that was what I'd done.


I spent ages looking for somewhere I could type any message at all. I'm starting to think their website is somewhat less than good.


Anyway, it's done now. Hopefully they'll deal with it.

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