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(Archived) "Today" in green has started appearing on my notes

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"Today" in green font has started appearing on my notes (summarised notes in the side bar only).  Why is this happening and how can I remove it, it's very annoying.


Also is it possible to order the notes in my notebook in a custom order - I don't want them ordered in date created, date amended, or title.


Many thanks all  :)

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Hi - welcome to the forums.  It's always good to know which version of Evernote you're using - there are a lot of clients out there,  and the user experience varies.  Your first problem sounds like the new reminder system is flagging notes it thinks are due 'today';  depending on your version,  there should be a way to avoid that - check out your menu options.


As to the note order,  that's not (AFAIK) available as yet - unless you force the order by changing one of the variables manually;  by "0001,2" etc in the title or manipulating the created date.

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