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info.plist modification crashes Evernote for Mac vs 5.2.1 (401574)



i've attached a screenshot of the modification i made to the app info.plist. basically i add one field, the one in the red rectangle. save the plist. on re-launch of evernote the first thing the app does is crash. not even a splash screen, just direct to the crash dump window. i also attached the dump window (although this one is after Mail crashes for the same reason, it's basically the exact same error code that's generated: EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL) when i modify evernote's plist (didn't feel going through the rigmarole of modif/save/move files around/type pwd countless times, etc just to get another screenshot).


now, this plist modification works just fine for Finder and Chrome. so.... what's the problem? why adding just 1 new field to a plist would cause an app to crash? ridiculous.



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How'd you end up solving this?



no solution yet.  still does it with OSX 10.10.2.  the evernote team never even bothered addressing this in the past 18 months. apparently no one gives a flying f*#%.


so what i do, is set Terminal.app's plist so that the menu bar is in auto-hide mode, and leave to focus on Terminal while doing anything not requiring any mouse/keybd input. 


that being said, setting the LSUIPresentationMode key works for Chrome, Canary, and Firefox, although Chrome rewrites the plist file every time is auto-updates in the background, so you have to reset the damn key each time it does.  doesn't work for most Apple apps, except Terminal.  


i have to say that this is so annoying. what a let-down.  the Windows UI is a 1,000 times more customizable than OSX. thinking outside the box doesn't seem to be the Apple way any longer. or evernotes for that matter. (and this is a completely unrelated topic but...) why can't we change the editor window background color to something else than stark white, for ex?  


hey Evernote team!! are you listening?  we want more customization options!

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