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(Archived) note-taking on the iPod Touch

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I use both Evernote and an app called Notebook (Appigo) on my iPod Touch, and I've noticed four things about the UI in Notebook that are lacking in Evernote: typing in landscape mode; selectable fonts; pale yellow background of the notes; and some simple HTML formatting.

I wonder if these features will come to Evernote? I find it very useful for consulting certain notes when I'm away from my desk, but I just can't imagine trying to take notes in Evernote on my iPod. My solution (a bit awkward) is to take notes in Notebook, e-mail them to myself, and then pop them into other programs (including Evernote) when I'm at home. Will the iPhone/iPod Evernote live up to its name in the future and become a true note-taker?

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The text editor available on the iPhone (and Touch) doesn't give any rich text options, so there's no way to do formatting or multiple fonts within a note that you're editing. We do, however, have a lot of feedback about landscape mode, and think this is something we can do.

Thanks for the feedback

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OK, this is an interesting technical question (way over my head): if Notebook manages to insert HTML code, why can't Evernote? I suggest you take a look at Notebook and see how they handle it.

I didn't mean, by the way, that I wanted to use several fonts within a note. I'd just like a larger font (are you assuming that nobody over forty uses Evernote??), and the ability to choose a different default font would be nice, too; but the size is the really serious issue for me -- and I suspect for other users of Evernote on the iPod/iPhone who don't have the eyesight of a twenty-year-old.

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A configurable display font size for the Mobile Evernote is a very, very important feature.

The current text display size on the iPhone is only barely use-able. I keep trying to pump it up in the desktop Evernote, but I've noticed that the iPhone just overrides that and uses its own tiny text size.

Trying to poke the checkbox on a To-Do list is essentially impossible.

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Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to pinch/zoom the note display to make the font readable on your system, but thanks for the input about the default font size.

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Thanks for the thought!

But when you pinch and zoom, text does not re-wrap.

Does that make sense?

In other words, if I have a to-do list or a paragraph of text or whatever, and the font is too small to read, zooming really doesn't help because then you have to scroll around (which is a mess for reading.)

So, yeah, I'd definitely like a "display font size" slider or three options (small, big, bigger) or something like that.


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