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(Archived) I am looking to use Skitch w/ Evernote to update client cards on a daily basis.


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If anyone has a solution for me, I'd really appreciate the input!


For years, I have been using a 3-ring binder, that contains "paper client cards" to keep track of the daily needs for all of my customers.   Because the binder is so cumbersome, it is time to keep track digitally.  I don't know if I should look for a mobile database that will let me handwrite notes, or utilize Skitch in some way.  

 My goal is to utilize my iPad, or my Mac computer, to update my daily notes for my existing customers.  I have created both a PDF and JPEG template with separate fields, ( I don't know which format would be best) so I can update each person's information whenever I see the customer.


The template looks something like this:


Name: _Jane Doe______________

Phone Number:___555-5555_____

email: ____Janedoeemail@aol.com


Within my template, I need to be able to briefly handwrite daily, updated diagrams and notes.                           



Name: _Jane Doe______________

Phone Number:___555-5555_____

email: ____Janedoeemail@aol.com




                                          xyz.. handwritten notes go here ....


Can I use a copy of my template for all of my customers?  Can it be alphabetized? Can I dedicate ONE iPad for my client cards?


Thank you!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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