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How to set an Evernote mobile passcode (PIN Lock)

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That *is* a problem! If you're a Premium user, I'd suggest contacting Support immediately. However, I *could be wrong* but I have a feeling they may not be able to help anyway...

Aside from contacting Support ASAP if you're Premium (or Busness) - and IF so, I'd also say try using the Live Chat to speak to a human ASAP (see below link) - and wait a bit here, to see if other users might have better advice.

My fear is that in the end, your only choice might be to create a second account, and as far as I know, you'll also need to use a different email address to create the second one. Then copy all your notes to the new account, Sync, check via the Web app to be sure all your notes were successfully copied and synced to the new app, then deactivate your first account.

I also suggest you search the boards using the keywords "password managers" as a way to avoid future mishaps with passwords.

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This should have no impact on your ability to access your notes on any other client, such as using the web interface or desktop application. No data lost at least.

Never used a pass code for Evernote on my iOS devices (yes, yes, I know...) so I can't comment on how to deal with that conundrum.

Password manager - highly recommended.

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I lost my passcode and can't get in to Evernote on my new phone.


What to do?


If you mean your Evernote login credentials (as opposed to your Evernote app on your phone), then simply do a "forgot password" which will email you information to obtain or reset your Evernote password. 


OTOH, if you mean the pin code for the Evernote app on your phone, then you will need to uninstall the Evernote app, reboot phone, then reinstall the app & reset the PIN code.  Note that doing this will cause you to lose any new notes or changes that were made on your phone and not sync'd to the Evernote servers.

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