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(Archived) Notes disappearing "behind" PDF pages


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I just started using Skitch today and have run into something kind of confusing.

I was annotating a PDF and when I tried to move my annotation up to the previous page, it moved *behind* the previous page of the PDF and now I can't get it back. Is there a "move forward" or "move backward" feature I'm missing? Why did it go behind the page rather than on top of it? How do I get my note back? 

I honestly can't tell if this is a bug or a feature, and since I don't see anybody else mentioning it anywhere else on the internet and didn't see it in the Skitch guide, I'm at a total loss.

(Oh, and I tried to "undo" the move but nothing happened. I think it undid a bunch of my writing in the note, but it didn't return it back to its original position,)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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