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Feature Request: Meeting timeline for notes

Nick Anderson


During meetings it can be useful to do audio recordings. I can then type notes and I have access to the audio from the meeting as well. It would be cool if there were a way to timestamp note sections or something so they aligned with the meeting recording. So that I could access the recording near the time I took a note.

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Hi Nick


I've thought about writing an app for this previously, put some design notes aside in my queue.


One big issue is where to put the timestamps. You can either have them in the note as visible content or put in some private metadata which makes them unusable by other apps. You might want to have both depending on the triggering rules described below.


I would be tempted to have them obscured by default in a special app, say the timestamps appear as a bulleted list at the end of your note, so they are visible in any client, but when running a special app are treated differently.


When to generate timestamps is an interesting design point.


When I was thinking about this before, I thought I would want two, possibly three ways to trigger timestamps:

  1. Manually be able to add a timestamp with a hotkey/button, maybe have a few of these pre-assigned to mark specially
  2. Automatically record timestamps when I start typing after a delay, with the sensitivity of the delay being a setting.
  3. Use something about the content to trigger a timestamp, either a keyword being typed, a blank line, inserting a horizontal rule etc. This could be a nice way to avoid breaking your typing rhythm, have it trigger on something like starting a line with --

I'm a developer and currently available if anyone wants a custom app developed along the above lines. Otherwise, I'm throwing these ideas out into the community for someone else to develop. If you do, please do me the courtesy of letting me know it's happening.

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