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(Archived) Merged notes cannot be synced



I'm trying to clean up my work notebook where I have a lot of separate notes for topics/clients that are now completed. I'd rather keep those notes in the same notebook, but I don't want a ton of separate notes when one big combined note will do fine. So I'll run a search or just have several notes in chronological order that I will select and merge into one note. Simple, right? Everything looks normal and combined properly.


I'll move on to other notes, or other processing in Evernote. Then I'll get a sync error (I sync as frequently as possible, every 5 min) that the new note I just created cannot be synced. I find that note and it looks normal in the snippet preview, but I'll click on it and it's blank in the note content window. When I delete the note everything is ship-shape again and sync runs normally.


What is up with this behavior? Is anyone else seeing it? It's not a crisis for my workflow -- I'm just trying to avoid merging important notes for now -- but it's odd and inexplicable. It's not a matter of too much data for one note -- they are mostly text-based so would not run into any size limitations. 


Using the latest Mac version [Version 5.2.1 (401587)] on Mountain Lion. Thanks for any insights. 

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