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(Archived) Create Predefined Heading Fonts for Windows


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For those who are using Evernote in Windows and asked "If only Windows version has Heading levels like in iOS!!". Now you can!! :) Sound's like Obama's Campaign don't it? :P
Version 1(default color):
 Heading 1
 Heading 2
a) Download & Install AutoHotKey 
B) Copy Paste the below in Notepad
 #IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_WindowsGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteViewGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrame ^1::Send ^&{space}send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Bold{Tab}16{Enter}return^2::Send ^&{space}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Bold{Tab}14{Enter}return^3::Send ^&{space}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Regular{Tab}12{Enter}return^4::Send ^&{space}send {tab} {tab}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Italic{Tab}12{Enter}return#IfWinActive

c) Save the notepad as ANY_NAME.ahk (make sure it is .ahk)

d) Double click on the file ANY_NAME.ahk (you will see a AutoHotKey Icon (H) on the tray) or Right-Click and click on Run Script
e) You are ready to go!! 
<<make sure your script is running every time you start Windows else you will have to run the script manually every time>>
Hot Keys: 
Ctrl + 1 - Heading 1 (Bold, font size 16)
Ctrl + 2 - Heading 2 (Bold, font size 14)
Ctrl + 3 - Paragraph (Regular, font size 12)
Ctrl + 4 - Block-quote ({two tabs spaces}, Italics, font size 12)
here 1, 2, 3 4 are not Numlock Keys.
Version 2 (with Color):
Heading 1 (Bold,font size 16, Black)
Heading 2 (Bold font size,14, green)
 Paragraph (regular font size, 12, black)
            block-quote (italic,font size 12,blue)
Copy paste the below instead of the previous one:
GroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENMainFrameGroupAdd, EN_Windows, ahk_class ENSingleNoteView#IfWinActive, ahk_group EN_Windows^1::Send ^&{space}send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Bold{Tab}16{Tab 3}bb{Enter}return^2::Send ^&{space}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Bold{Tab}14{Tab 3}g{Enter}return^3::Send ^&{space}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Regular{Tab}12{Tab 3}b{Enter}return^4::Send ^&{space}send {tab} {tab}Send ^dWinWait FontSend {Tab}Italic{Tab}12{Tab 3}B{Enter}return#IfWinActive
Can you change the code to suite your need? Hell Yeah!
Here is how:
^2:: (^ represents control 2 represents key 2) Send ^&{space} (evernote hotkey to clear previous formatting)Send ^d (evernote hotkey to font window)WinWait Font Send {Tab}Bold{Tab}14{Enter} (set it bold and fontsize 14)return
if you want to change colors - use
^2:: (^ represents control 2 represents key 2) Send ^&{space} (evernote hotkey to clear previous formatting)Send ^d (evernote hotkey to font)WinWait Font Send {Tab}Bold{Tab}14{Tab 3}g{Enter} (set it bold and fontsize 14, font color green)return


 Heading 2



Font color takes the first letter of the colors available. If you want GREEN use {tab 3}g, if you want GREY use {tab 3}gg since it is the second color starting with g. [if you assume the default color is the Black the first color]. 
Also note the clear formating code doesn't clear the color only font size and B/i/U the color continues if you don't change. Like Below.


Heading 2


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