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Scanning direct to Evernote on a Mac with Canon ImageformulaP-215


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I just got a Canon Imageformula P-215 which is advertised as being able to scan directly to Evernote. However, I use a Mac and as far as I can tell the Mac software is a "lite" version and I can't find any option for scanning directly to Evernote. Can anyone here confirm that this is indeed the case, or else provide instructions on how to do it? Thanks.

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I use a P-215 with my Mac as well! I love it, it's quite quick for such a small unit (although haven't used the Fujitsu to compare) and doesn't seem to take any longer when running OCR.


From memory there isn't a CD that comes with the scanner, but there are two versions of software that come loaded on the scanner itself. One is the lite 'plug-n-play' software, the other one requires installation (but doesn't take very long). If you installed the software, you can set a number of custom scan modes with variables such as scan quality, destination, OCR, file name etc. You can then also opt to set one scan mode as the default linked to the scanner button - so you can perform one touch scan to Evernote (ie plug scanner in, open it up, place documents in ADF, press scanner button).


Hope that helps!

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