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(Archived) Bringing RTF files into Evernote

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I recently replaced my (very) old Power Mac G5 with an iMac. I was using Soho Notes (previously StickyBrain, which I liked, but not Soho Notes). I just made the move to Evernote. Soho Notes only allowed RTF and Plain Text exports. I have about 200 RTF files I need to import into Evernote. Although I have explored the Blogs, Knowledge Base and Forums. I am having a little difficulty figuring out the best way to import these files in. I would appreciate some tips or a link to an existing thread. I have found that I could drag the individual RTF files to the Evernote Helper in the menu bar; but if there is a better way to do this, I would appreciate it. 


Two of the files that exported from Soho Notes are .xml, any tips about these?


I hope I am not overlooking some glaringly obvious way to do this. 


Thanks in advance,

Fred K


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