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(Archived) Migration from My notes keeper to Evernote

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I'm a new evernote user. Before that I had been using My notes keeper for several years on my desktop.


Now with a smart phone and a tab I want to have access to my notes every where. I am using evernote on my tab and it has made my life so simple its beyond words.


Is there a way I can easily transfer all my data ( which is 99.9% text) from My Notes Keeper to Evernote?


Doing it manually will take ages....


My Notes Keeper v. 1.9.9 build 1205

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Big questions: what OS does your desktop run,  and what file type does MNK save?  Easiest solution would be if you're on Windows (see Import Folder) and MNK saves to PDF or JPG/PNG...

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My desktop runs on Windows 7


The databse file that My Notes keeper saves has an extension .mnk


My databse is called general notes.mnk


~16.6 MB


I just checked. MNK exports to several formats - see image below


Which one of these formats would be best to be import-able in Evernote....


I want each note to be separate as in MNK


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OK - with Windows you can go with an Import Folder (~Tools,  ~Import Folders) which is a watched folder,  the contents of which will be sucked into Evernote.  Your screenshot shows "export to files" but I don't see where you specify what file types these are - can you choose PDF?

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