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(Archived) Scan directly to Evernote - no PC (or Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) on network

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I have tried to search this forum to identify a good, fast scanner that can scan directly to Evernote without any type of other computer, tablet or phone needed for individual scans. I don't have an issue if a PC or Mac is required for the initial setup, but once setup, there will be no computers, tablets or phones connected to the local network.


I currently have a multifunction printer / scanner (Epson Workforce 3520) where I can scan to PDF and have it placed directly into Evernote. I believe the way this works is that the scanner composes an email with the PDF file and emails it to an Epson server to Evernote. This works well, but I am hoping to improve on this setup.


Improvements I am looking for include:


1. Scanner only (not a multifunction device)

2. Can scan both sides in a single pass

3. Faster

4. Can handle small paper from the document feeder.

5. (Not an absolute requirement) the PDF is OCRed by the scanner


I have read a number of favorable reviews about the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner but it looks to me like some computing device (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android) is involved (at least in the background) for each scan to Evernote. Is this correct?


While not the exact setup I am trying to make work, picture an environment that receives paper, has only one device on the network (the scanner) and needs to get this information to Evernote. What scanners could do this?

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As an add-on to your comment, we have a number of copy machines in our office that are fax, scanner, printer copiers.  They have the capability to scan documents directly to folders on our computers or scan document to email.  So what I have also been doing is based on the following article on how to email directly to Evernote.




I set up a separate email account on the scanner with my Evernote email address.  When I want to scan a document their directly, I select that from the scanner menu and the document is emailed direclty into Evernote.  Save the computer step for me. The scanning feature also has a subject line edit.  So again using the article, I can add @name of the notebook and the scanned document goes into that folder.  It could also be tagged using the instructions from the article a well.

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