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(Archived) Shortcuts not syncing between Evernote for iPad and Evernote for Windows (Beta)


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Windows Version: (261290) Prerelease

iPad Version: 5.4.2


Steps Taken:

  • Created shortcuts in Windows Evernote by dragging notebooks from the Notebooks drop down list to the Shortcuts list.  The notebooks show up in the Shortcuts list in Windows Evernote.
  • Went to iPad Evernote, and did not see any shortcuts in the Shortcuts list.  In iPad, I created one shortcut from one of the same notebooks for which I had created shortcuts in the other app.  It shows up in the Shortcuts list.
  • Manually hit Sync in Windows Evernote.  Waited until the Sync button stopped spinning.
  • Manually hit Sync in iPad Evernote.  Waited until the Sync button stopped spinning.  Checked the Shortcuts list, and it only had the one notebook still.
  • Sync'd them both again.  Still no success.

Shouldn't the shortcuts that I created in the Windows app be showing up in my iPad app?




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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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