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(Archived) Photomanic not synchronising with Evernote

Andrea Daniels




I recently set up a photomanic account and have uploaded my images into albums. All of my albums have synchronised with Evernote bar one which hasn't synchronised at all in over 2 days. My account is set up to link to Evernote. I can view the album in my photomanic client so I know they are there.


To test, I created a new note on my iphone and it synchronised this to my ipad and mac so I know it's not Evernote. However, I created a new test album in photomanic and this has not synchronised to Evernote.


Is this a photomanic issue or an Evernote issue?


Any ideas gratefully received.



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Thanks for the tip - hadn't heard of Photomanic before,  and just set up a few test photos in my new account..  Don't see yet what it's supposed to do;  PM says my photos are uploaded and available,  but Evernote doesn't have any sign of them at all yet.. 


I'd suggest you check online for the applications you have authorised to access your account.  Is Photomanic still in the list?  If so,  and you don't see any action shortly,  send in a support request (see below) with Evernote,  and do the same with Photomanic if you can..

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Thanks for the reply.


Your photomanic albums can be linked to your Evernote account and appear as Notebooks in the listings.

It allows you to easily access your photos and incorporate them into your notes (I use this for work). I added albums last week with no issue but now can't Photomanic and Evernote to synchronise. Will raise a support post.

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