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(Archived) Evernote for Android Stylus Devices - Wishlist

Darren W

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A version of Evernote that supports input from Android stylus devices (such as the Galaxy Note range), has to be a killer app. S-Note is fine, but I personally end up "sharing" my notes back out to Evernote as PDFs.


I really hope that this is on the roadmap it would seem to make so much sense.

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Darren, is it possible to edit handwritten notes on Galaxy Note? As of Galaxy S2 handwritten notes made on my Windows tablet are not even viewed as a vector image but displayed as a (low resolution) raster image. Trying to edit handwritten note moves me to creating new note with an attachment that I cannot even display...


As I'm reading this forums I've found out that someone stated that it is possible:



I wonder if Evernote for Galaxy Note is an diffrent apk or it has an integrated check if to allow or disallow editing of handwritten notes...

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