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LinkEver - Send Links to Evernote with a single Tap from your iPhone


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LinkEver lets you automatically send a formatted copy of a websites to your Evernote account, by simply copying a link to your clipboard from any iOS App.
It runs in the background for as long as possible and listens to your clipboard for any link*. When you copy a link LinkEver retrieves the contents of the website the links points to and formats it nicely, for a great reading experience. The contents is then sent to your Evernote account.
LinkEver calls retrieving the contents of a website Clip. Every Clip counts towards a rechargeable amount, you have 30 Clips to get started. If you should ever run out of clips: don't worry! LinkEver continues sending your links to Evernote, just without any website contents.
It notifies you with a vibration and a chime after a link was successfully sent. In case a link could not be sent, it's stored in the App and you can retry sending it at any time. 
If you'd like to help improve LinkEver you can sign up at the following link and you'll get the latest & greatest betas before everyone else: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/recruit/b4866f9d3cb3404d80fdaa3580ab5454
*LinkEver works best with blogs or text-based news websites. Websites making use of a lot of images and Javascript might not work as expected.
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