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(Archived) Download Web-Pages Without Opening Them?



I've been clipping a bunch of Internet articles to Evernote.  I went to readh them on my iPad notice that even if I open Evernote and sync, I need to actually open each article in order to get the content to load.  This is a little annoying.  Is there a setting to get it to download all of the articles when it syncs?  



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If you are looking for a true read later service, I would recommend either Pocket or Instapaper. Evernote is great for storing articles as reference but I don't use it as my main reader.


Both Pocket and Instapaper are designed to do exactly what you're looking for natively. You can always save any article you want to keep from Instapaper or Pocket into Evernote for future reference. 

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Thanks.  Pocket seems to do everything I need.  But it's nice to learn more about Evernote.  I can't seem to find reasons to use it.


I think of Pocket as a temporary location for my reading -- like a personalized magazine or newspaper. I don't store anything long-term there -- anything I want to keep and reference for later gets sent to Evernote. Evernote is my filing cabinet/reference material. Much as I like Pocket, I can't imagine not using Evernote for many, many things. :) If you're not sure how to use it, I suggest checking out the Lifestyles section of these forums -- hopefully that'll give you some ideas on how you can best use it. Good luck!

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