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(Archived) shared files requires login?


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Hi Guys


I'm having an issue where when I share & copy url on a skitch file.  The people I am sharing it with are required to login to see the note, therefore I can't share the image in a google doc or an email anymore.  Many people I share with don't have evernote accounts.  Any reason why this is required now?


I'm using 

Skitch 2.6.2

Evernote 5.2.1.  

Mountain lion 10.8.4.

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@dekekincaid - What exactly are you trying to do?


Sharing itself doesn't require the receiver to have an Evernote account. If you are using Skitch Mac you can share a direct URL to the image (found under the drop down; Direct Image URL), or share the URL to the note that contains the content. In either case the receiver can click on the link and view the image or note contents without the need for an Evernote account. 

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I'm seeing this too.  Something definitely changed, as this use to work previously.  If you take a screen snapshot, then select "Share & Copy URL" from the sharing "arrow".  You use to get the direct url to the image, but now it seems to link to the evernote Note page, which requires login.  The workaround mentioned by dekekincaid does work.  So maybe the old default sharing option was copy image url and now it's copy Note url.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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