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(Archived) Stuck at loading screen when trying to share a notebook on iPhone


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I have a problem with the iPhone client. I get stuck when i accidentally press the "share notebook" button. 

A white screen pops up and it says "Loading" in the top left. I don't know if its a bug or if it just takes a reaaally long time.

I have tried to restart the app but that doesn't work. 

Is there some way to fix this, or shall i try to reinstall the app?


Here is a screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz3ivb20c16kovg/evernotebild.PNG


Thanks in advance



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I saw some other posts referring to the app just hanging when downloading content for offline access. Thought maybe it was some kind of syncing problem so toggling wireless connections might resolve. Glad it worked for you.



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I have the same problem. I mailed support, they told me to log out on every device and then log in again. It didn't work. I tried airport mode. And it works, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to stick. After I close down the app and try again, I get the loading page again. I don't do a lot of sharing, so I don't mind the work around, but I do hope Evernote will solve this problem for real. 

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