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Request: Right-to-Left Typing Support in Evernote


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I am a new user of Evernote. After downloading and running the Evernote desktop software, unfortunately I found that typing from right to left is not still supported in Evernote. It simply makes me and many other users stop using this software, because our language requires typing from right to left.


I searched this issue in the forum, and I found some other topics and suggestions about adding right-to-left support in the past; however, I don't know why this simple feature is not developed yet in the software. I really want to ask the developers to add this feature in a near future, so that the increasing number of users who speak and write in languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc. can use Evernote easily.



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Check out my project, NimbleBox. I have developed a small application for windows to deal with this problem. I have also implemented some other features.

  • Right-to-left,
  • Markdown,
  • Evernote Reminder,
  • Inline Tags and Notebook assignment,
  • and ...

Please check out my application on http://nimblebox.me, and watch the Demo Video here: http://nimblebox.me/...box-demo-video/


Kind Regards,




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I also struggle with the Evernote RTL support.

amirmasoudabdol, NimbleBox seems promissing, but unfortunately I wasn't able to install it on my Windows XP laptop. The installation fails due to a .NET framework 4.5 prerequisites failure; it seems .NET framework 4.5 doesn't support Windows XP, and consequently neither does NimbleBox.

[bTW, I couldn't find a list of supported OSs on your web site.]

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