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(Archived) (Archived) Feature Request - Notecards

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Hello -

I'd love to be able to link a set of notes into a graphical "notecard".

For example, let's say I have 15-20 notes in a notebook. I'd like to arrange icons representing each note onto a screen (ideally one screen aimed at mobile, and one for web/desktop), so that you can quickly jump around between all the notes.

In a larger format (full screen, or a print-targeted size), the icons could be thumbnails that might be able to show the entire contents of the note. On a smaller screen, the icons could be chosen to abstractly represent the contents of the note (doc type + name as default).

Imagine a whiteboard or flipchart full of scribblings, where you could drag each scribbling around on the board, pull in old scribblings, drag them into related clusters, etc.

Here are some uses:

A "live" situation (performance, presentation, etc.)

A "brainstorming" situation

A deliverable document that pulls together information from all over to describe something.

An interactive learning board - click on each icon to discover a factoid, bring up a web clip, etc.

An interactive brochure


I hope I'm making sense!



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i wasn't too keen on desk in the clouds for this kind of thing myself, but it is a cool application. to the op i'd recommend trying index cards (ios) and / or scrivener (osx) to get some of that functionality. unfortunately, they don't play with evernote. i do so much in evernote these days that i don't tend to use them anymore.

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