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(Archived) Please fix RSS feed

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We have heard a few reports from people who say that they are seeing comments in the blog's RSS feed.

I've checked our feeds, and don't see any comments there:


If you are seeing a problem, could describe the problem you're seeing a little more? Could you also please go into your RSS reader and retrieve the full feed URL that you have there for our blog's feed? I.e. all the way from "http:" to the very end of the URL.


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We're still looking into this, but it appears to be a new "feature" in Google Reader.

If you click on that link and take a look at the RSS feed directly, you'll see that we don't have any comments within that feed.

However, deep within our feed, we do also give a URL for the (separate) comment RSS feed for each story's comments. Our WordPress blog just does this automatically.

It seems like Google Reader has made the decision to automatically grab the RSS feed for comments and put them right in with the main feed when it shows you the interface. No other RSS reader seems to work this way.

We'll try to figure out how to tell Google Reader to avoid this behavior, but for now it seems like you can fix this by changing your RSS feed URL to:


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