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mac (Archived) Couple of Feature Requests for Evernote for Mac

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I have a couple of feature requests for the Evernote for Mac app:


- Shortcut key for adding reminders to notes.

- Shortcut key for changing reminder settings on a note

- Ability for rules on your default notebook so notes are processed automatically bases on rule settings.

- Button and shortcut key to duplicate the last action I did. 

- The ability to ad a link to a notebook or a tag in a note. Clicking the link would go to that specific notebook or tag.

- Add searchbox for notebooks to move notes to that are selected. Now it is a dropdown box. I would like to be that just like moving single notes. 




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Linking to a notebook or tag would be nice. Or even better (more generally useful): Being able to create a link which contains a search query.

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