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(Archived) Secondary Sort order defaults on Mac



Am I the only one that finds it problematic that in Card and Snippet Views the secondary sort options for Title, Date Created and Date Updated seem backwards.  Whenever I change between Title and Created/Updated the secondary sort always defaults to Reverse Alpha and Oldest/Least Recent and Newest/Most Recent.  Since my preference to work with Alpha and Recent lists, I find it inefficient and annoying that everytime I change between these two type of sorts it requires two trips into the menu to get the preferred sort order.  I did notice if I have the order I prefer in one of the date options and I just switch between those two options it will hold the secondary sort correctly, but going between title and dates it does not.


I'd prefer to set a default but if that's not possibe - since the view selection items are in a cascading menu maybe the option to select the alpha or date sort needs to be another cascade rather than having it all contained in one menu.


Am I missing something? Has anyone developed a work around that would be easy to implement?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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