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(Archived) Feature Request: Evernote Mac -- run in background / no dock icon



Dear Evernote Community and Developers,


I would like to request a feature. Evernote takes a second or two to startup. Most programs do. This lag can be avoided by not quitting the app. The only problem is, Evernote has this obtrusive dock icon that I can't seem to find any way to hide. It's not just the dock icon. When I open Mac's application switcher (Command+Tab), there it is again, this Evernote icon which is awesome if I actually want to use it.


But sometimes I just want Evernote running, but invisibly and unnoticeably, ready to be activated at a milliseconds notice. Then, when I activate it, roll out all the dock icons you want. Well no.. just one please.


I have gone as far as to try hiding the icon via modifying the properties in the info.plist (crashes the app) or using Dockless (this takes advantage of the same method) as in this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15303-showhide-unuseful-evernote-icon-from-dock-bar/


Every time there is an update to Evernote I check for this feature and every time I am disappointed and dismayed. I like to quickly search my notes at random points throughout the day, and the second or two delay for it to load kills me. That is with the default search hotkey. I normally search with an Alfred workflow that uses the Evernote API, and the results are the same. To be clear: If Evernote (NOT just Evernote Helper) is already running, there is virtually no delay. No lag. It is great. I want Evernote to be great for me. Can you please help?


If I have not posted in the correct place, kindly advise me where to post this. This is very important to me. 


Warm regards,




EDIT: This request is for a feature that allows hiding the dock icon as an option, disabled by default. It is not a request to hide the dock icon altogether. That would be unreasonable...

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I understand your wish. However, I'm not too optimistic about Evernote actually adding that feature. As far as I know, having a dock icon is required for windowed applications according to the User Interface Guidelines, which, again, might have implications for the App Store and future Apple Design Awards...). And I personally really want to keep the dock icon, so IMO it should be made an option, disabled by default.


But, that said, the forums are indeed a good place to post your request. Evernote staff try to read the posts here. You could also try to place your request via support (if there is a category such as feature request).


Good luck!

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so IMO it should be made an option, disabled by default.


Yes I wholeheartedly agree. Sorry if I wasn't clear. This feature request is not to disable it altogether. The request is for an option to run without a dock icon. Maybe with a shortcut that toggles it.. I will add this to the original post.


Thanks for your input and helping me clarify!



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Based on my fairly long experience with Evernote, I think it is extremely unlikely that they will implement this.


What experience makes you say this?


I didn't think I was asking for much at all.. just like a checkbox in user preferences that changes the behavior. When enabled, the dock icon won't be visible if the window is closed (but the app keeps running).

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Take a look in Evernote Preferences, how many user customisable options are there? Considering how many there could be with this application there are very very few. Evernote it appears are not in the business of making their app highly customisable, that's their choice and one that in the main I agree with.


I didn't say that you were asking for much, I did say that I thought it was very unlikely that it will be implemented.


I hadn't even considered Trumpetg's point about Apple's UI guidelines, I think it's even more unlikely that Evernote would implement a feature that is in direct conflict with a partner's wishes.

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Dear Milo, I may have to chew on my words re: Dock invisibility. 


The music app Vox which has recently appeared in the MAS now has an update which permits Dock hiding. So perhaps your wish will come true after all.

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One further point to make:


I'm not sure why Jack is so happy about the idea when people have been asking for Dock removal for Skitch ever since EN acquired and revamped it – and the EN team has always insisted that, as suggested above, the MAS guidelines won't allow it.

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I haven't said anything about MAS guidelines with regards to this issue.


I know you haven't, Jack. But again, as I said, the EN Skitch team have always said Apple won't allow Dock icon removal so Skitch can revert to a menubar only app.

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