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(Archived) Cursor doesn't show


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I have noticed that the typing cursor won't be shown sometimes. It happens when I want to edit a note with a only a title in the snippet view. Clicking on the note will show the note on the right side, but clicking on the note content won't show the cursor although the cursor is on the note content. Starting to type will show the cursor.

Update: the note should be created without the content in the first place. If you create a note, and type something in the content you don't see the problem. Just make a note with title only, click on another note, select the note, click on the note content, there is not cursor but it should be.

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I have similar problems too. When I edit notes, some notes do NOT have the cursors; some notes have the cursor.


When the note has this problem:

If I click on the note content, a vertical blinking cursor appear.  This cursor is bad.  I cannot move the cursor to the leftmost of the editing line.

if I click on the note title, the cursor (that looks like a bubble with pointed tip on top) appears. This cursor is working fine.



Under normal circumstances, the cursor looks like a bubble with pointed tip on top. When I press and hold the cursor (bubble), the magnified text appears which allow me to adjust the cursor easily. It works like the iPad :)  Hope the developer can solve the problem quickly.  Otherwise, it is very difficult to edit the note.


Error log:


IsTablet: false
Locale: en_SG
Service: https://www.evernote.com
Package: com.evernote
Brand: Sony
Model: C6603
Network operator: 52501 / SingTel
Android version: 4.2.2
Evernote version: 5.3(1053033)
Evernote revision: AM_53_173
Evernote type: public
Internal storage: 10 GB / 11 GB
External storage: 10 GB / 11 GB
Auto Sync Enabled: true
Master Sync Enabled: false
Sync Interval: NOT SET


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