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Medley - notebook visualization alpha launched

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tl;dr - We've launched a public alpha of our new visualization tool for Evernote. Try the app here: http://medleynotes.appspot.com. Feedback appreciated!


I'm part of a team working on a new research project on digital note taking the Aviz visualization group at INRIA (the French national research institute for computer science & automation). The project is focused on understanding digital note taking practices and building visualization tools to help support better management and analysis of digital notes.

As the first stage of this project, we've recently launched a web app called Medley (http://medleynotes.appspot.com) that uses the Evernote APIs to generate some simple visualizations that let Evernote users explore their note taking behavior over time and (optionally) contribute anonymized metadata to our research corpus.

This is the first stage of a larger digital note taking project in which we're planning to build a number of more sophisticated visual tools for inspecting, analyzing, and organizing digital notes, so we'd appreciate any feedback!

Additionally, if you know any other Evernote user groups who might be interested, feel free to forward the link to them or point me in their direction. 


Wesley Willett
AVIZ group | INRIA Saclay Île-de-France

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dThe same dilemma that hits me. While i would wish to support projects like these, i don't feel confident opening out my Evernote Data to a third party service. Maybe, It makes some sense to keep a dummy account, i suppose. 

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