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(Archived) REQUEST: Stack > Notebook > Note hierarchy

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this capability may already exist, however, the hierarchy capabilites seems to be limitd to the structure (Stack >  Notebooks > Notes)


to remain consistent with the theme and the physical charateristics of the object definitions... the request would be to add one addtional teir above stack..



IE: Shelf or Box


Shelf > Stacks > Notebooks > Notes. thi would allow much more flexibility when organizing and categorizing content. 



Technology Example:


(Shelf) DataCentre

           (Stack) Storage

           (Stack) Compute

                       (Notebook) Cisco
                                     (Note) UCS B Series

                                     (Note) UCS C Series

                       (Notebook) IBM

                       (Notebook) HP

           (Stack) Network






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I suppose we'd also need to add FLOOR as well, probably more fitting in my case...


(Yes, Stack --> Notebooks --> Notes is the only hierarchy presented to the user).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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