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(Archived) I need to attach multiple pictures at once, Add this function please.

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I asked this topic already, But supporter said "You can do it, Just repeat same step multiple times"



I can create new evernote document with multiple images from 'sharing' feature on the default Image viewer (iOS, Android)

But I can't put multiple images into existing evernote document.


I need to put new function attaching multiple images at ONCE on the editing mode into existing document

I don't want answer "repeat same step"

or just say 'No, We can't. you have to find another note app'




Hello magicpotato,

We will be happy to assist you. Yes you can add multiple pictures into a note, just create a new not>tap on + icon> select Attachment> and use the pictures from your gallery, you can only add one at a time so if you wish to add multiple pictures you will need to this step multiple times. 
Thank you.

Mike Orendain
Evernote Support


# 98993 - I Need to upload multiple pictures at once

It requires on iPad, Android, PC

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Just think of all those extra users Evernote could get if only it could find a way to add a thousand different (and in some cases conflicting) bells and whistles to the app. 


It should be possible to add multiple pictures from the desktop application,  but it just don't do that in the mobile versions. 


Of course you could try emailing the pictures as a batch from your mobile to your Evernote address,  with an appropriate subject line that would give the notebook,  tags and any reminder details...

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