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(Archived) Evernote and Power point

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I have about 400 screen shots in a note book that I need to get into a power point. Is there a way to export all the notes into a power point were every screen shot is on its own slide in power point.  I would like to avoid copying and pasting every shot individually.  

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You didn't state your operating system, Evernote Client, MS Office version nor whether you have all the pictures in one note or spread across several notes (i.e. whether you actually want one slide per note). So the following is just a wild guess, and assuming that all pictures are in one note, but maybe it helps nevertheless:


I would export all the pictures from the note to a folder, then import them into PowerPoint using one of these options:




If you have your notes spread about several notes, at least on Mac you can select all those notes, right click and select "Export attachments", then save them to a folder and continue as stated before. If this option isn't available on your Operating System's Evernote client, maybe a detour via HTML export would work.

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