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Cards - Bring Back the Detail


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In V4, I appreciated that the Card view would show the exact contents of the note.  I often times used this to have a "bulletin board" or "dashboard" to see where I am on a project as I would format out bold titles, colors, tables and then see these like "note cards" in the Card View.




None of the formatting comes through in Card view anymore.  Now all you get is a slightly emphasized title and all your text smashed into a paragraph.  I'm attaching a screen shot where you can see the formatting of the note vs. what the Card gives you.


Please, please, can we have Cards back to where they were in 4.0 ASAP?   :rolleyes:


(Well, discussion.evernote.com seems to have really limited the size of the uploads to a point where a screen-shot can't go up.)

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Was in here this morning, and, the Cards would really add to and help with a personal project I'm working on.  Alas, they don't show the formatting and detail like they use to.  :(


IMO, "Card" are about as important as the new Presentation Mode being touted for the Mac.   :rolleyes:


Thanks for listening.

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Thought I would bump this again.


I was working on a project today where Card View would be a great help.  Alas, when you go to that view, it's just not very helpful.  Some thoughts on why it's not helpful:


  • The title of the note needs to stand out a hair more, and not get obscured by text.
  • The formatting of the note body needs to show on the card.
    • ​Currently, all formatting (emphasis, bullets, etc.) get stripped out and all the text from the note is just one long blob.
  • ​The real estate needs to be better utilized.
    • ​My current project only has three notes.  (rare, I know)  But, with all that screen space, why can't the cards be larger and show more?  Think like a big white board, or a big wall where you are pinning things up.  Think also having a big monitor and what you could do.
    • As more notes come into existence, have things scale down.


I am wondering if Card View is on the radar scope for more work by Evernote?  I'm surprised by the lack of interest in the forms on this, so, maybe it's just me.   :P 


Anyway, thanks for listening.

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Soap Box Time....


Was very desirous today of making a dashboard of reminders and motivators.  Card view would be perfect.  Alas, no go as one card needs to show the list in one note, text formatting to make the quote stand out in another.  Another with a picture.  Instead all I see is unformatted plain text.  Not helpful.


I'm kind of surprised; this topic has had over 1000 views, but, no comments, +1's, Likes.  Am I the only one interested in this?  Am I out of my tree?  Should Card view go away?


Okay.  Done with Soap Box.  Happy Friday, everyone.  

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... if you believe in something, I guess one has to keep being vocal about it. :-)


This is one of those days where I wish Card View showed more; worked more like "here is a bulletin board view of what you are working on."


So; I wanted to ping this.  


As always, thanks for listening. 

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