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REQUEST Note-taking and Audio record synced

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So I didn't see this in any of the forums so I thought I'd post a feature I'd like to see. There's an ipad app called Notability which I am sure you're aware of. The one thing that entices me from them is the ability to record a meeting or lecture as you take notes and THEN, when you're reviewing the audio, it will actually bring you back to which notes you took at that particular time. 


Is that a feature that would ever be possible through Evernote? I feel like that would make Evernote a note-taking Monster (in a good way!). 

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Right now, i don';t think that feature is in Evernote, as I ma using it from last 15 days only and don't have that much idea. BUt I agree this is realy a kind of good feature and evernote admin must need to implement it.

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