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(Archived) Get rid of monstrous indent on web clipper


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Every now and again, I end up with a massive indent that I can't get rid off when clipping pages.


Here's an example:



Clipping that page using the Evernote web clipper on Chrome, I end up with an indent that measures at least 7 cm (about 3 inches) on the left. I have tried selecting the text and unindenting it, also tried getting some fabulous indication that there is a table whose first column I can delete. Whatever I try, nothing works.


The only way I have found is copying the text out into Word, fixing it there and copying that into a new note.


Not exactly a killer workflow.


Any ideas?

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It would be great if when you found an instance that doesn't work correctly, you report it to the devs via a support request. Specific cases are usually helpful to fixing things.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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