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(Archived) Mac update - what is the "new Announcements section?"



I've got a notice in the Mac App Store update tab that there is an update available for Evernote. Every other program lists what the changes are when an update comes up. Evernote just says "Get the latest news and updates from Evernote in the new Announcements section." What Announcements section? Where is it? How can I find out what's new in this update?


Does this mean that after I get the update, I will see what's new? Um, no thanks. The whole point is for me to decide whether I even want to update, so I would like this info to be available as it always has been in the past.


I even searched for 5.2.1 (the version number I'm seeing in the App Store) on the Evernote site and came up empty. What gives?

Thanks -- Barbara
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