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(Archived) Trying to upgrade to Premium



I'm a Mac user and have a free Evernote account. I tried several times to upgrade to the Premium account, but have not been successful. When I click on "Upgrade to Premium" in my account and choose "$4.99/month" box, I get a message saying, "Waiting for Mac App Store. .." , but it does not connect to the store. I finally click on "Buy" and enter my credit card info, but nothing happens. Since I did this process a few times, I'm worried that I might be charged a few times. Is there a number where I can call to get some help? I need to upgrade my account to Premium in a few days. Thanks in advance for your help.

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The Mac OS/x (Mavericks) MacBook Evernote renewal through the Apple store didn't work for me also. I tried it a bunch of times, did a search and found this thread.


The renewal from my MacBook hangs with a spinning message "Waiting for the Mac App Store...". Each retry requires performing a "Quit" out of Evernote.


The renewal worked OK for me from my iPad. Another option would be to renew online.


NOTE: for Evernote support, I do run Norton Internet Security, but I turned off all blocking while trying to diagnose this problem. I'm also configured in Norton to prompt for any block and ask what to do. App store works fine for me, Evernote syncing works fine for me.

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