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(Archived) Mails to evernote mail-address sometimes do not arrive → data loss

Guest mrossk

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Guest mrossk
I have set a mail-forwarding from my mail-account (gmail.com) to my evernote-account.
But after using it a while I angrily noticed that some mails must have been lost in the last time because they have sent to my e-mail account (gmail.com), forwarded to my evernote mail-address but never arrived to my evernote-account. So I have lost them!
Now I have tried to reproduce and isolate the problem and I found one reason for this:
Every time when an incoming e-mail contains a link to http://xhamster.com/movies/... at any place in the text or history then evernote drops this mail. This is only an example to reproduce the problem and could also also be true for other links or content. Gmail.com has sent this mails to evernote but evernote seems to drop it (as spam?).
I have made a german support ticket (#93821) and they told me to reinstall evernote. I think they have not even read my request. After that they suggesed me to change my evernote mail-address. What the hell is this for a support?
If this is a spam-filter then it should be much more intelligent or switched off. In my opinion a spam-filter is not necessary at this place because you can easily change your evernote mail-address (and in my case, gmail has already a very good spam filter). Otherwise the mail-forwarding to evernote is a risk of data loss and you shoud not offer it.
I hope that this is only a bug and you can fix it to ensure that all incoming mails do arrive in evernote and no one is lost anymore.


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Guest mrossk

Thanks tkraikit. This explains why some mails do not arrive. They contain links to "adult" websites and so are filtered as spam. Since I forward them myself to my evernote-account it is really stupid that they are filtered out.


Funny: I am a certified engineer for Astaro (now Sophos) UTM-devices and administer devices that filter such e-mails (in addition to many other firewall and proxy-functions) in our company.

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