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I have created a table of contents for the notes I use most often.  On my pc, it works great.  On my cell phone, when I click on a fole name, the file opens with a green bar across the top.  I cannot edit any file with the green bar.  If I go to the Evernote directory and open the same file, it opens without the green bar and I can edit the note.


Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

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Hi - welcome to the forums. Your 'table of contents' is presumably a list of links to note URLs.  Is there a difference between the URL stored in the table of contents note and the one you see when you open the note directly?  (It would be helpful if you confirm what Evernote client / which OS your phone runs...)

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The phone is a Droid Bionic running android 4.1.2.  What is the difference between a note with a green bar across the top and a the same note with a white bar.  That seems to be the difference.  White bars I can edit the note, green bars are I cannot edit.

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If you create a note link from within the desktop application, it is of the form "evernote:\\...."  This is a native EN link and will function in the Android app to bring up the note within EN for Android and you will therefore be able to edit it.  Note links created from the web app are conventional "http:\\..." links and, when clicked on in EN for Android, will display the note in your web browser - with the green bar at the top - and generally not be editable.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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