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(Archived) alias or original?, edit on iphone (beginner)

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a few questions from a beginner:

1) on technical question: are docuemts (pdf, word, pictures etc) stored in evernote as alias ore as the original document?

ask in another way: is it possible to link from a document in Evernote to the source of of a document on my desktop(!). that meens, is it possible to use evernote to connect all files to one topic?

2) subcategories possible?

3) there is no possibility to edit notes on the iPhone if the are no "clean" row text whithout style. and the iphone software is interpreting "normal" text made on the mac application as styled text.

thanks in advance


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1) We intend Evernote to be a lifetime repository of your memories, so we've implemented file attachments as "copies" rather than "links" from your desktop files. This means you never need to worry about your note content "breaking" just because you moved or deleted a local file on your computer (or had some other hard drive melt-down). We do the same thing with images from web clips so you don't have to worry about CNN taking down an image 9 months from now in one of your clipped notes.

You can manually add hyperlinks to local "file://" URLs on your client if you want to make a pointer to a local file, but this will obviously break if you access your note from the web, or from any other synched client.

2) You can drag one Tag under another to make a hierarchy to help you hide some of your Tags. This may be useful if you have too many to view at one time. This is an organizational tool to help you organize your Tags, and the nesting of Tags doesn't imply any relationship between their notes.

3) There's currently no way to edit the existing content of notes that contain style or formatting information which can't be shown on the iPhone editor. We're still investigating options here, but the lack of any richtext editing on the iPhone really ties our hands. Our first priority is making sure that you don't accidentally destroy content in your notes by editing. E.g. a table suddenly turns into a blob of text because the iPhone editor can't render tables.


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