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(Archived) Merging Multiple Notes on EN for Mac



I have read the instructions for merging notes on EN for Mac and can't help but think there is a better way. Sometimes I have multiple notes that I would like to merge in a certain order. Currently EN will place the note most recently updated on the the top and rename the note with that note name. I have not been able to make this work as described. I suggest a method be created where we can select several notes that will show up in a "Merge Window" then assign an order number to each note designating its place in the new note. Lastly, I would allow the user to type a new name for the note.



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The merging of notes in Evernote for Mac has been discussed several time on the forums.


Right now, notes will merge in the order, they are listed. So, if you use the list view, you can merge them in any order you can sort them by way of selecting them while holding down ⌘ . "Click order", that is, merging in the order they were clicked, is available in the Windows client and has been requested repeatedly on the forums, so the developers should be aware that the merging facilities on Evernote for Mac (which I rely on daily) is not optimal.

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