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(Archived) Copy and Paste Not Exactly Working



Evernote 5.2.0

OS X 10.6.8

Macbook Pro


I have both MS Word and Pages documents I would like to copy into Evernote. Just one problem, I can't.  


No matter if I copy the text itself from the document and paste it into a new note, or literally try to drag and drop the text into the note it simply won't work.


I thought it might have to do with either MSWord or Pages but even if I export to PDF or Text Edit, I still can't copy/paste into Evernote.


Now here's the strange part - It works in Safari and Firefox!


If I use the Evernote web log in to access my notes and paste there, NO PROBLEM!


Am I missing something?

Is this a known issue?  

Have I gone mad?







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You might want to wait for confirmation from a Mac user before you go knocking on any medical doors,  but my take would be yep - you're crazy.  I have no problem (in Windows) copying and pasting from Word documents / PDFs or whatever.  I suggest raising a support ticket for some clarification...

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Here's the "another Mac user confirmation".


I have the exact same problem ToneStriker is having. I can't paste into Evernote from anywhere. I've tried cutting and copying from TextEdit, Google Chrome and even from another note in Evernote and yet I can't paste whatever is on the clipboard. I can paste on the web interface just fine, suggesting is a Mac app issue.


I'm on Mac OS 10.7.5, Evernote 5.2.1 and I'm a Premium user.

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Does the problem occur with ANY content from Word/Pages/...? Special or non-latin characters in your content maybe? Does the problem persist after upgrading to 5.2.1? Have you tried restarting your machine (no joke)?


Tested it on my Mac: I can copy/paste from Word without any problem. [ EN 5.2.1, Word 2011 14.3.6, Mac OS X 10.8.4 ]


Can you copy/paste between the other mentioned applications without running into problems?


If the problem persists, maybe it has to do with Mac OS X's font management. I've heard that it can get out of whack and lead to strange problems. Maybe googling for font repairing will turn up something relevant for you.

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I tried copying an image from a received Mac Mail message to Evernote, and that didn't work. I had to actually click and command+tab / drag it to Evernote. And it didn't preserve its rotation. And I couldn't resize it. :(


Copying text from TextEdit also adds a bunch of extra whitespace stuff, but I workaround that by pasting into a new mail message first, then copy/pasting to evernote. 

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I had the problems with pasting into evernote on my mac, however, I did notice that if I signed into my online account and pasted into a note when in my browser I did not have problems, but I had problems with the version of evernote on my mac


I searched did all I could re the mac

Tonight I looked into the preferences again in evernote

EVERNOTE > Preferences > Formatting

I unticked the Simplify formatting of pasted content


and YAY paste now works in the mac version of evernote


thought this may help others

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