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(Archived) Evernote Beta V.5 glitches


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Hi Evernote and Evernote community,


I've been using the latest beta (version 5.0) and have been excited about it.  I've only found two glitches with the beta so far, and wasn't sure to report them to Evernote, so I thought I'd do so here.  I really enjoy the new card layouts for the beta - it makes scanning previews of notes that much easier.  When I open a note in its own window though, I'm not able to move it around my desktop (it just stays docked in the corner, even when I try to drag it elsewhere), and the "x" to close the window often does not work either (though the minimize and maximize buttons work just fine).  Has anyone else had these issues?  I'm using the beta on Windows 8 64-bit.


Much appreciation for your hard work Evernote...

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Thanks for the reply jefito, it's encouraging to know it works on your Win 8 system.  It makes it even more curious why those features don't seem to work on mine though.  Moving and closing the main window works just fine, it's just on individual note windows that the functions seem to go awry. 

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