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(Archived) Files in Evernote show up as attachments



Hi there, 


Since I upgraded Evernote to the latest version, I've noticed that text files dragged into Evernote (Mac) show up as attached files instead of content. It never used to be that way. I could drag PDF, txt, images straight into Evernote before and the content would show up as is. Can anyone help? I would like this function reverted to how it was beforepost-143675-0-45514400-1375003310_thumb.

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Take a look in the Clipping tab in Preferences, quite why it's in Clipping I'm not so sure...


You can choose there whether you want attachment or inline display.

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Thanks Metrodon. I realised the file only shows up as an attachment when I drag a txt file into Evernote. Doesn't happen with an RTF file or PDF. Pages documents and Word Documents also show up as attachments instead of inline text. Guess that can't be helped. 

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