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(Archived) V5 beta - audio recordings disappear?


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Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this, but I often use Evernote on my phone to log various ideas or thoughts throughout the day. When I get back to the office or home, I'll dictate them using Evernote on my Windows desktop. Then I'll throw them in whatever notebook it applies to. While using the v5 beta today, though, I noticed a peculiar issue: my "Untitled" notes with the audio recordings were completely blank...no recording or anything. Maybe I'm missing something. All of my other devices and the web version have access to the recordings, but apparently not the beta? Is this a known issue? If so, I apologize for bringing it up.


Hope that helps. God bless!




So, right after hitting "send" on this topic, I opened the beta again; lo' and behold...the recordings were there, but only if I opened each note individually. Now, after syncing, however, they're blank again. I can highlight section where the recordings should be (as though there is an oblong shaped rectangle there), but it's still blank.

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