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Clip Selected area needed in Chrome Extension like desktop has



The Chrome web clipper extension needs to be able to clip selections like the desktop clipper does.


if i go to a different computer as i often do, this is a huge feature that i use all the time when my evernote is installed on my normal comptuer.



but it slows me down and keeps me from getting work done on on other computers.


and clipping the full page is not what i want, 


i need to be able to create clean images that allow me to select the area i want to clip and let me clip it. 

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There are currently 2 ways to clip selections in the Web Clipper:

1) If you want to clip the HTML content

- select the content on the page before you click the toolbar button


2) Make a screenshot clip and then crop it to desired size.

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Thank you for your prompt reply!


At the moment I need to stay with Snow Leopard (coordination and apps) so Safari 6 not an option.

Thanks, that helps.


Perhaps I can better use the current Evernote features by using Chrome


Please explain how to do a simple url clip with Chrome (Version 30.0.1599.101) 


Thankk you once again for your time and effort! 

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Thank you for your prompt reply...


I have been using Evernote with great pleasure for quite some time,

and have I have introduced this to many others!


It seemed so perfect in the previous versions



1. select content on page-- Evernote "note" opens and is pasted in the note

at the same time the url was captured, and the option to tag the note.


All in one step.



Now, it seems to be an over complicated bother,

and acts differently depending on the browser...


Sorry, just venting my FRUSTRATION...


Makes me wonder, if I am the only one that

feels this way...


Ok, back to solution minded thinking---



Please suggest the best way currently  to do the following with the current version of Evernote:



Mac Safari Version 5.1.8 (6534.58.2)


Say, I am on a website and I want to:


1. Capture the url

2. Enter some descriptive text in the note

3. Tag the note




I used to be able to drag an image from

a web page directly to a note

via the pop up window from tool bar. 


What would be the best way to do this in the current version?


Can you please list the most efficient  steps for these two tasks...



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By your description I think you've been using a feature called Quicknote that is part of the Mac client.


I recommend trying the Web Clipper for Safari that is available here:



Here's a quick guide on pretty effortless saving of URLs to Evernote.



I do recommend you update Safari to something newer if possible, 6.x


Hope that helps. 

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